Luxury Yacht Rental in Dubai

Select Your Luxury Yacht Rentals in Dubai

While you can always go to the yacht rentals located at the three locations of Dubai Marina to take a luxury yacht hire in Dubai, booking them online can make your experience hassle-free. You might be planning to throw a party onboard or may be planning to go for a cruising tour, you can do the entire planning sitting in the comfort of your house and check out various luxury yacht Dubai tickets on offer with exciting offers. Going through the details of the yachts, you will be able to select the one that fits your requirement and purpose.

Based on the number of people accompanying you and the duration for which you want to book for, you will find several options with varied inclusions on offer. Each of the yachts comes with its own captain and a quality crew, who will take you on an exciting cruising tour safely and will also look after your specific needs as per your luxury yacht Dubai ticket inclusions.

Booking offline can come with difficulties of the right sized yacht not being available, creating disruption in your plan. But if you book online well ahead of time, the chance of such disruptions will be minimized and you may be able to coincide your plans with delightful discount offers for certain specific periods and days.

Opt to book your luxury yacht hire Dubai online through the websites of thrillophilia and be entitled to facilities such as barbeque meals, an option to play your music, and more. So go for a luxury yacht hire Dubai and host a party on board or enjoy cruising across Dubai waters.

About Dubai Luxury Yacht Rental

A luxury yacht hire Dubai can take you on a luxurious sea vacation cruising around the Persian Gulf. Board a pleasurable yacht and be on the journey to cruising around at some of the fantastic yacht destinations such as Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, The Palm Jumeirah Islands and more. Enjoy having a party on board with music playing from a hi-tech sound system or simply go on a luxurious cruise in the company of your loved one, family or friends. With an experienced captain and quality crew, you will not have much to worry about the safety and will be able to fully enjoy the breathtaking views, delicious barbeque meals as well as yacht facilities.

There are luxury yachts in several sizes and you can select one that will be best suited for your group size. Each vessel has luxury cabins, along with heads, delightful saloons along with flybridges with comfortable seating areas. There are also sunbeds to lie down on the decks and drink a glass of soft drink or delicious juice. Many of them also have a pool or a jacuzzi for you to relax. Some of the luxury yacht Dubai tickets also include water sports such as fly board, banana board, jet ski etc.

Luxury Yacht Rental Options in Dubai

60ft Yacht

The 60ft Yacht Outlaw, is of Sunseeker built and has a sleek design. The beautiful yacht is a perfect choice if you want to do a yacht party or go for a leisure cruise. The fly-bridge of the yacht has been designed to maximize the outside area for parties and gatherings. For those guests staying overnight, there are four bedrooms with three bathrooms. The crew of this yacht are British, Ukrainian, and South African.

Guest Capacity: The yacht has a capacity to accommodate 15 to 30 guests during a day cruise. For overnight tours, a maximum of six people can stay.

Inclusions: Living & Entertainment Space for party

Duretti 70ft Spacious Yacht

Opt for luxury yacht Dubai tickets for the Duretti 70ft Spacious Yacht, which has beautifully designed interiors. The yacht has four spacious bedrooms and a living area. The interior has been furnished with elegant furnishing and has a comfortable atmosphere.

Guest Capacity: The yacht has a capacity to accommodate up to 15 guests during a day cruise. For overnight tours, a maximum of eight people can stay.

Speed: The yacht has a speed of 28 Knots.

Inclusions: Wide seating area, fresh fruits, still and sparkling water, soft beverages, Nespresso coffee.

90ft Yacht

The 90ft charter luxury yacht Dubai has exquisite designs and can accommodate twenty guests in her upper deck space and cabins. The yacht has a flybridge comprising a large open deck and lounge seating. The private boat is equipped with a high-tech entertainment system along with a stereo-sound Bose PA audio system.

Guest Capacity: The yacht has a capacity to accommodate up to 20 guests during a day cruise. For overnight tours, a maximum of ten people can stay.

Speed: The yacht has a speed of 24 Knots.

Inclusions: High-speed internet access, Watersport options - jet ski, seabob and donut, PlayStation, entertainment system

105ft Yacht

Step into Dolce Vita, the luxury yacht well equipped with the hi-tech JL audio sound system in the spacious beach club located on the bow of the boat. The yacht comes with an aft deck sunbathing area, a luxurious VIP cabin, a downstairs lounge, twin cabins for kids and a huge flybridge, making it a perfect venue to host parties.

Guest Capacity: The yacht has a capacity to accommodate up to 25 guests during a day cruise. For overnight tours, a maximum of six people can stay.

Inclusions: Watersport options: Sea bobs and Jet Skis, open-plan salon, JL audio sound system, sunbathing area.

107ft Yacht

The 107 ft yacht has a full-beam main deck master stateroom as well as a split-level Jacuzzi. The first-class yacht has an attractive and modern design and is spacious, making it ideal for a comfortable sail. The luxury yacht is equipped with a jacuzzi that can be converted into sun loungers, along with other amenities such as a barbecue, a plancha and bar, as well as a BOSE music system and a second wheelhouse.

Guest Capacity: The yacht has a capacity to accommodate up to 20 guests during a day cruise. For overnight tours, a maximum of ten people can stay.

Inclusions: Jacuzzi on deck,Stereo system (via AUX, USB), sun loungers, barbecue.

164ft Yacht

The 164ft Benetti is a luxury yacht with an Italian design and spacious interiors, making it befitting to hold a party with excellent decor. The yacht has five lavish cabins along with a large top deck and five lavish cabins.

Guest Capacity: The yacht has a capacity to accommodate up to 50 guests during a day cruise. For overnight tours, a maximum of twelve people can stay.

Speed: The yacht has a speed of 12 Knots.

Inclusions: Jacuzzi and wet bar, Watersport: 2 Jet Skis, Donut, Banana Boat, SUP’s, Large top deck.

Top Destinations to Yacht in Dubai

The Palm Jumeirah Islands

One of the top destinations to head for while on a luxury yacht hire Dubai is Palm Jumeirah Islands. This man-made archipelago resembles a palm tree from an ariel view and is the best yacht destination around. The destination features a 5.4 km monorail that connects the island’s foot to Atlantis de palm hotel, which extends into the Persian Gulf. The destination will mesmerise you with a spectacular view of the Arabian coastline.

Near Burj Al Arab

Take a closer look at Burj Al Arab, the most iconic and luxurious hotel with a private beach, while passing in your luxury yacht charter Dubai. Famed as the only 7-star hotel in the world, the hotel will let you dock on the private beach and let you take a look at the hotel filled with opulence. Do not forget to take a look at the key attractions of the hotel - the underwater aquarium restaurant, a fleet of Rolls Royce vehicles and the helipad on top of the building.

Dubai Marina

The starting point of almost every charter luxury yacht Dubai is Dubai Marina and this is the place that will give you a spectacular view of the city. You will be able to get a glimpse of “New Dubai”, a conceptualized man-made canal city with a waterfront along the Persian Gulf shoreline. Proceed on your journey along the human-made canal with numerous small cafes, luxurious hotels, shopping and entertainment options, and parks lined up on either side.

Dubai Creek

One of the emirate’s most enchanting areas where you can take your luxury yacht charter Dubai is Dubai Creek, which stands out, being an integral part of Dubai’s Heritage. The creek has the Dubai Creek Harbor, located at the cornerstone of the creek, where you will be able to witness a modern city coexisting with an untouched natural phenomenon in harmony. The area has a captivating waterfront with eco-resorts, a marina and yacht club, residential units, offices, commercial spaces, and many more, occupying the area, exhibiting brilliant architecture.

The Worlds Island

One of the places that you can take a look at while onboard your private luxury yacht Dubai is the Worlds Island, located 4 km from the Dubai coastline. An excellent destination for a yacht experience, the World Island will delight you with panoramic views of around 300 islands.

Essential Information about Dubai Luxury Yacht Rental

Precautionary Tips
How To Reach & Starting Point

1. Experienced Captain: It is essential to have an experienced captain on board to ensure that you are able to sail in the most efficient manner. Your experienced captain will also look after your safety by avoiding danger and handling any difficult situation.

2. Life Saving Equipment: You must go for a luxury yacht hire Dubai that has a complete set of safety equipment such as life jackets, fire extinguishers etc which can be used during any emergency or in event of an accident.

3. Know the safety tips: You must be aware of what to do in emergency situations. This will include knowing about the safety equipment and being aware of the right safety conduct. Go through the safety manuals before you embark on your trip.

4. Check Weather: Ensure that the weather is conducive for cruising. Sail under clear sky and reschedule trips in case of bad weather.

5. Hydration: As you will be well exposed to the sun during your yacht cruise, you must take measures to keep yourself well hydrated throughout the trip by taking enough water, drinks and juices.

6. Healthcare: You must protect your eyes and skin from the sun by using SPF creams. Use sunglasses to avoid the glare of the sun hitting your eyes and cover your head to protect yourself from the sun. If you have a habit of feeling sick in the water, take appropriate medicines along.

Starting Point

Your luxury yacht charter Dubai may start from either of the three places - Dubai Marina Yacht Club, the Eastern part of Dubai Marina Walk or DIMC (Dubai International Marina Club). All three of them are located in the iconic Dubai Marina which will offer you a spectacular view of the city. Your charter luxury yacht Dubai will move along the skyline of the lagoon area and will take you to Palm Jumeirah, the top destination for a yacht cruise. The two hour luxury yacht Dubai tickets will take you into the sea and you will be able to view the iconic Burj al Arab in the backdrop and will stop in front of the fascinating architecture of Atlantis, The Palm hotel for a photo session.

How to Reach

By Metro: Get down at DMCC Metro Station and walk towards the Marina

By Taxi: Get Down at Al Majara Towers

By Car: Park your car for 3 hrs free at Marina Mall. For Valet Parking, head towards Pier 7

Timings: 6:00 AM ( You can opt for 1-4 hrs of cruise rental)

1) Jet Ski: Take a Jet Ski tour along Dubai’s waterfront and enjoy the spectacular view of the skyline. Zip through the water and stop in front of popular landmarks such as Burj Al Arab to enjoy a photo session with the iconic hotel.

2) Banana Boat Ride: Embark on a fun activity where you can board an inflated banana shaped tube with your family or friends and get towed by a boat on Dubai waters for 15 minutes. Feel refreshed as the water splashes on your body and the cool air blows towards your face as the banana boat speeds across the water.

3) Flyboarding: Hold your breath as you go for a Flyboard experience. Feel thrilled as you take a flight above water and balance and control your elevation while enjoying the view surrounding you.

4) Donut Ride: Zip across the waters of Dubai in a donut shaped circular boat which is linked with another boat with a rope. Feel an adrenaline rush as you go on a 15 minutes spin on this tube pulled by the boat.

5) SEABOB: Have unlimited fun riding a high-performance electric sports watercraft that will let you ride on the surface as well as underwater at a speed of up to 20 kph for up to 4 hours.

Luxury Yacht Rental in Dubai

What are the best things to do on Yacht in Dubai?

Enjoy the view: While cruising on a luxury private yacht in Dubai, you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking view of the metropolis and take a look at popular landmarks such as Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Creek and more.

Sunbathing: You must not miss out on sunbathing on the decks of the yacht that you have rented.

Have a Barbeque: You can also opt for a yacht that has a BBQ grill and enjoy a barbeque on board.

Do the children need to wear life jackets on yachts?

Yes, children under the age of 9 years are required to wear life jackets throughout their travel on the luxury yacht charter Dubai.

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Are pets allowed onboard?

Unfortunately, the charter luxury yacht Dubai will not allow you to take your pets along. It is because pets run here and there and can get thrown overboard. They are also disallowed as they may also cause damage to the vessels.

What types and sizes of Yacht you can hire in Dubai?

You can hire several types and sizes of luxury motor private luxury yacht Dubai depending on your need. If it is for a trip for only two people or a small group of ten people, you can either hire a 35 ft one or a 44ft one. For a slightly bigger size group of eight to fifteen people, a 50 ft boat will be ideal. You can hire a 52 ft boat if your number of guests is up to seventeen people and a 55 ft boat if you need ten to twenty-three people. While a yacht of 64 ft can accommodate up to twenty-five people, a yacht of 77 ft will accommodate up to thirty people. For a group of forty people, you can also hire an 87 ft boat or a 88 ft boat. Above this, you can also get a 101 ft boat to accommodate fifty people and even go up to a 220 ft boat to accommodate more people.


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