Private Yacht Rental in Dubai

Rent a Private Yacht in Dubai

Sailing on a yacht is one of the most fantastic experiences you will ever have. Imagine relaxing or hosting an event on a cruise ship as you take in Dubai's magnificent coastline and the city's breathtaking attractions. A Private Yacht Hire Dubai can help you realise all of your dreams. To accommodate small, medium, or big groups of visitors, choose among the numerous private yachts in Dubai that are offered in various sizes. The private cruise will give you a seamless and unforgettable experience as you cruise through the Dubai Marina area because it has the best of all opulent facilities as well as a fine team providing meals, decorations, music, and hospitality services.

Private Yacht Rental Dubai has you covered to fulfil all of your specific requirements, whether you want to conduct a business conference, a product launch event, a family celebration, or a love proposal. The most popular activity among partygoers who want to have a great time with friends or family is renting a private yacht in Dubai. In order to sail away from all your concerns, reserve your own private luxury yacht today—only in Dubai.

Private Yacht Rental Options In Dubai

42 Ft

A comfortable yet exclusive, the 42 feet Private Yachts in Dubai is a sleek white yacht equipped with all required amenities to house upto 12 guests onboard. It has a clean and cosy outlook with well furnished cabins and interior. As you sail in this modern yacht, delight in the visual treats of Dubai such as the Burj Al Arab, Atlantis the Palm and the Palm Jumeirah. For fishing and adventure enthusiasts, the yacht is a great option as fishing and other sea activities are also included in the yacht services.

Cost: Approximately 400-500 AED per hour

Capacity: Up to 12 Guests

45 Ft

If you are looking for a small yacht rental to host as little as two people or a small group of invitees, then the 45-feet yacht is the perfect fit for you. Enjoy the luxury of dining and sunbathing on a modern luxury boat, that too at an affordable price. Adventurous and thrilling activities such as fishing and swimming await as you plan your day with loads of incredible activities for relaxation and fun.

Cost: Approximately 600 AED per hour (A minimum 2 hour booking is required)

Capacity: Up to 12 Guests

52 Ft

The 52 feet yacht can conveniently house upto 20 people over its luxurious space, making it one of the best choices for a budget friendly Private Yacht Hire Dubai. Furnished with luxury interiors, the aesthetic colored boat has double decks, spacious enough to organise events. Inside the yacht you will find 3 Cabins with Restroom, Kitchen, Lounge, Sun deck, Sitting Area as well as access to different facilities such as complimentary refreshments, kitchen amenities and adventurous activities so that you can make the most of your visit without any hassle.

Cost: 950-1000 AED per hour (A minimum 2 hour booking is required)

Capacity: Up to 20 Guests

56 Ft

Take a step ahead on the level of luxury by booking a 56 feet Private Yacht Hire Dubai. An excellent fit for small gatherings, the stunning yacht can be used to host events or parties for upto 25 people. With its stylish and modern interior decor, the 56 feet yacht is one of the best and most luxurious yachts in the Dubai Marina Region. With the added benefit of complimentary BBQ Stations & Microwave, Sunbathing on Foredeck and Fishing Equipments, the yacht makes for a perfect combination of fun and adventure.

Cost: Approximtely 1200 AED per hour (A minimum 2 hour booking is required)

Capacity: Up to 25 Guests

62 Ft

For an unforgettable yacht experience, spring onto the 62 feet luxury Yacht with your friends or family and experience the sights of the city from the Dubai Marina Region. The Marina Canal, Atlantis the Palm and the Lagoon can be easily spotted from the yacht. Having spacious suites and a stunning salon, book this private yacht rental dubai marina which features an incredible sound music system for any occasion. You can also indulge in some adventurous activities like snorkelling and swimming to make your day extra sportive and full of fun.

Cost: Approximately 1100-1600 AED per hour (A minimum 2 hour booking is required)

Capacity: Up to 25-28 Guests

67 Ft

The 67 feet majestic yacht which can accommodate upto 30 guests is the best yacht option in the Dubai Marina region. Equipped with a quality sound system and sunbathing on the foredeck, the yacht has every facility to cater to your needs. Either you are here to relax and rejuvenate or for a celebration, the fully air conditioned yacht with a well furnished interior, a lounge and dining area, will serve as the right fit for any occasion.

Cost: Approximately 1500 AED per hour (A minimum 2 hour booking is required)

Capacity: Up to 28-30 Guests

75 Ft

What could be more stunning than to view Dubai’s most famous attractions from the sea as you celebrate a special event with friends, family or teammates. An excellent option to consider, the 75 feet yacht which can accommodate upto 35 people is perfect for a small group of people to party their way away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Enjoy a star-like trip with exceptional amenities only on this exclusive yacht.

Cost: Approximately 2200 AED per hour (A minimum 2 hour booking is required)Capacity: Up to 30-35 Guests

85 Ft

Host a grand event or simply relax with your family, friends or companions at the 85 feet luxury yacht in Dubai. Having a bar counter, spacious AC saloon, DJ counter and dance floor and equipped with all modern facilities, the yacht provides a seamless experience full of delight. You can even do sea activities such as jet ski, banana boat and jet pack activities while at sea. View Dubai’s most famous attractions like The Atlantis and Burj Al Arab as you celebrate your special events at the grand yacht.

Cost: Approximately 2500 AED per hour (A minimum 2 hour booking is required and maximum 24 hours.

Capacity: Up to 90 Guests

Reasons to Rent A Private Yacht In Dubai

  • While you might not have the money to own a luxury yacht or cruise for sailing, you can rent one to visit Dubai from a unique vantage point.

  • It is undeniably a beautiful experience full of peace and pleasure to sail aboard on one of the private yachts in Dubai.

  • Additionally, while cruising across the waterways of the Dubai Marina Region, you may take in the breathtaking sights of Dubai. You will be able to get away from the throng of people for a few hours as well.

  • Additionally, you are free to choose where you want to travel. All you need to do is inform the captain of the path you want to take.

  • Enjoy some much-needed quality time on your private yacht with friends and family while you unwind.

  • No matter how much time you spend on the Private Yacht Rental Dubai Marina, there are plenty of enjoyable things to do, including swimming and snorkelling.

  • Furthermore, taking a luxury cruise vacation doesn't even have to be that pricey. If split between two or three families, the entire trip can be taken for under AED 300–400.

Know Before You Go For Private Yacht Rental In Dubai

Boarding Point
Sightseeing Places
How to Reach

Nestled within the heart of ‘new’ Dubai, the Dubai Marina is the largest Marina in the Middle East. The recipient of a 5 Gold Anchor Award, the Marina is applauded for its quality service apart from easy access and link to the sea and transport facilities. It is also the boarding point for the Private Yacht Hire Dubai. In accordance with Dubai Port and Customs Regulation, all yachts start from the Dubai Marina Yacht Club in Dubai Marina.

1.) Dinner Option:Light refreshments and snacks are simply not enough for a special occasion. However, the additional offerings of Dinner Cuisine served directly at your table will suit perfectly. From typical Italian, French, Arabic or Asian cuisines, indulge in delicious food for your guests and enjoy delicious food.

2.) Live DJ: If you want to add some groovy stuff to your party, then book the Live DJ service for your event to get your foot tapping to the ground.

3.) BBQ: The larger cruise vessels are equipped with BBQ Grills on board. So make your evening extra special by savouring a finger licking BBQ dinner platter and snacks at the Private Yachts in Dubai.

4.) Decorations: Decoration is an indispensable service to welcome any occasion. They are worth spending because they add life to the party. With the decorating services of expert decorators aboard the Private Yacht Rental Dubai, you can organise your event worry-free. Whether it's a corporate event or a romantic dinner, themed and personalised decorations will set the tone for your party.

The Private Yacht Rental Dubai Marina cruise is an amazing experience that allows guests to enjoy views of some of Dubai's most famous attractions such as Atlantis, Burj Al Arab, JBR, Dubai Marina, Dubai Eye while exploring the waters of the Dubai Marina area.

The boarding point for Private Yacht Rental Dubai is the Dubai Marina Yacht Club (DMYC) located towards the west end of Dubai Marina. You can easily reach the Dubai Marina region through various means of transportation such as a car or taxi, through a bus or metro.

By Bus: Although there is no direct bus from Dubai to Dubai Marina region, you can take line 106 bus to Mall of the Emirates Bus Station 5. Walk to Mall of the Emirates Metro Station 2 and then take the subway to DMCC Metro Station 2.

By Car: If you are travelling by car, then follow the Sheikh Zayed Road towards Abu Dhabi, take Exit 32 and follow the signs leading to Dubai Marina.

By Metro: The nearest public transport stations near Dubai Marina are Jumeirah Lake Towers Metro Station and DMCC Metro Station.

FAQs of Private Yacht In Dubai

Who can I bring along on my Private Yacht Tour experience?

You must carry your identity card or passport during the trip for identification purposes, as per the local regulations. It is also recommended to bring your own towels on Private Yacht Rental Dubai Marina, for hygiene purposes. Outside food and drinks are not allowed on board.

What is the minimum age restriction for Yacht Experience in Dubai?

There is no age restriction for Yacht experience in Dubai. However, children below the age of 2 years must remain within the Saloon or Cabin area accompanied by an adult.

What to wear during a Yacht Party in Dubai?

It is recommended to dress as per the occasion. Although casual clothes, beachwear and swimwear are preferred by most people, you are allowed to dress as per your wants keeping in mind the local sensibilities. If you are coming to fish during winters, pack additional scarves and warm clothing to keep the cold away on the Private Yacht Hire Dubai.

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Where does the yacht charter start in Dubai Marina?

In accordance with Dubai Port and Customs Regulation, all Private yachts in Dubai start from the Dubai Marina Yacht Club in Dubai Marina which is a beautiful man made lagoon, home to luxurious yachts and fishing boats.

Do we need to wear life jackets in Yacht Ride in Dubai?

No, Life jackets are only required when a weather warning has been issued or you are chartering a high speed vessel such as a speed boat. However, all children below the age of 9 years need to wear a life jacket throughout their journey in a Private yacht rental Dubai.

How much time before the trip should I arrive at the starting point?

It is recommended to arrive at the starting point at least 15 minutes before the trip starts. You can get to know the design and facilities available at the yacht and fishing boat as well as get to see the amazing view of the region. You will also have enough time to get yourself prepared for your trip.


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